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Real Estate Market In Thailand

The economy of Thailand is booming making it one of the hottest real estate markets in the world today. The Kingdom country is witnessing a massive growth in tourism and the hospitality sector. Bangkok has become one of the most preferred party and holiday destinations in South-East Asia. Particularly the coastal cities of Thailand are getting huge tourist inflow due to the warm climate of the country. This economic surge has increased the middle class population of Thailand which eventually has escalated the demand for quality housing.

The flexible policies of Thailand make it easier to purchase a property or invest in real estate. Anyone aged 50 or above can obtain a long-term visa and avail world-class medical facilities and other advantages of the country. This has made Thailand an increasingly popular destination for retirees who spend time here as year-round residents or as a retreat from cold winters.

Real Estate Investment Scenario in Thailand

Properties in Thailand are available in the forms of land, condo, house and villas. The property prices are on rise, still real estate investment is affordable in Thailand. However, it is advised to take the assistance of a property lawyer as the real estate market in Thailand is quite unregulated.

International chain of luxury hotels, high-end resorts and luxury villas are continuously making their presence felt in Thailand. You can expect high return on investment on a property as the tourism industry of Thailand is showing exponential growth.

Where to Invest in Thailand

Foreign investors are allowed to buy property in only the coastal cities of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. However, array of choices are available to suit the need of the buyer in these cities.

Bangkok : Rental yields are 6-8% per annum in the capital city of Thailand.

Phuket : Rental yields are 6-8% per annum in Thailand’s most upmarket and desirable resort island.

Chiang Mai : Expect 8-10% rental yields as city has large population of foreign managers and university students.

Pattaya : Property rates are highly affordable. You can expect 8-10% rental yields per annum.

Here Are a Few Good Reasons to Invest :-

  • Second-largest economy in SE Asia.
  • Real estate prices are affordable and return on investment is higher.
  • The country attracts a good foreign investment.
  • Thailand has strong business links with China.
  • Potential for rental incomes are decent.
  • Tax benefit for investors.
  • Foreign investment gets priority.
  • Well connected by flight from major Asian cities.
  • World Bank describes Thailand as “one of the great development success stories”.

Currently, there are only a few places in the world that offers as much reward in real estate investment as Thailand. So, it is perfectly safe to invest your money in a property in Thailand as the booming tourism industry of the country is unlikely to fail your ROI expectations.

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